Sunday School

For any question about Sunday School Contact Bro. Jim or Sis. Lisa Stanley. Click here to check out what is new in the Sunday School department.

Contact Bro. Jim Stanley
 Tel: (409) 543-0437


For any Question about Youth Fundraisers or Youth Trips Contact Bro. Matt or Sis. Sabrina Braneff.  Want to know the latest activities Check out News & Events by clicking here

Contact Bro. Matt Braneff & Sis. Sabrina Braneff
Tel: (409) 730-3481  |  Tel: (409) 540-8620


For any question about Outreach and How Faith Tabernacle church is involved in the community Contact Bro. Cade Howard. For information about Outreach and how you can get involved click here.

Contact Bro. Cade Howard
 Tel: (409)-363-7798


For any question about the Music Contact Bro. Trent Chamberlain. For Updated Music Information Click Here.

Contact Bro. Trent Chamberlain
 Tel: (409)-853-2733



For any information about the ACTS program or any other Program Contact Bro. Chris or Sis Jamie Essex. Click here to learn about what other Classes we offer.

Contact Bro. Chris Essex & Sis. Jamie Essex
Tel: (409) 670-5998 |  Tel: (409) 670-5058



Click here for the Total's for the Church fundraisers. Contact Sis Tammy Foster if you have any new ideas that we can do.

Contact  Sis. Tammy Foster
 Tel: (409) 960-1694